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The Performance Institute helps young athletes become the best version of themselves, while allowing parents to keep up with their fitness.

Parents might be more focused on staying fit and longevity while the younger athletes are looking for peak performance for their sport.

16,500 sq ft Sports Facility

5,300 sq ft Outdoor Covered Turf
           w/ 3 batting cages

Current Offerings

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TEXAS | Elite Wrestling club is one of the best youth wrestling opportunities in the State of Texas.  Their focus is helping youth wrestlers perform at the highest level.  

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METCHENFIT will Help Make your Fitness Experience a Little Less Frightening.  They have classes for Kids and Adults.

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Open July 5th

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Recovery Room

Sauna                            Normatec Recovery
Hot Bath                        Compex Muscle Stimulator
Cold Bath                      Massage


The Recovery Room is for serious athletes looking for the latest recovery techniques to enhance their performance.

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Cardio Corner

The Cardio Corner is for parents looking to get a workout while their kids are at a practice at the DPI.  Currently we have kids practicing baseball, wrestling, agility, jiu jitsu and more.  Now parents will be able to work out at the same time!

Stair Master                   Exercise Bikes
Ellipitcals                        Treadmills


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Weight Room

The Weight Room will host classes for parents while their kids are in a practice at the DPI. No more standing around watching your kid practice while not having time to workout yourself.

Small Group HIIT           TRX Group Training


Serving All West Fort Worth

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Centrally Located to West Fort Worth

5 Miles North of MorningStar

375 Stoney Ridge
Azle, TX 76020